I believe that therapy should be a transformative and healing space, for individuals and relationships.

I work intentionally with you to create this space in therapy to hold and integrate all aspects of your self and your relationships. Within this work, I believe that all of your identities, desires, and needs deserve exploration, nurturing, and development. I love supporting people in their journeys in the world, and recognizing the unique strengths and potential of each person.

My work is an expression of my love for people, relationships, and communities.

I believe that people are capable of achieving their very best. My ability to honor the complexity of individuals and relationships—including partnerships, families, and communities—is a significant gift that I bring to my work as a therapist. I am also passionate about social justice, and I understand the realities, complexities, and impacts of oppression, privilege, and power on everyday life. I practice in a way that is culturally-grounded so that you can bring the wholeness of your self and your relationships to our work together.

I know what it is like to live in a world that does not value integral parts of my whole self.

I also know what it's like to not have all of my identities honored when seeking therapy for my own support. My commitment to provide inclusive and affirming therapy services has been greatly influenced by these experiences.

I am also grateful for my own healing journeys and the exploration of my identities and desires, much of which led me to my current work as a therapist. My experiences have taught me to connect with people with compassion and empathy, whether the struggles experienced are shared or unique.

I am authentic, friendly, and totally human.

I wouldn't ask my clients to do anything that I wouldn't also do, and I will show up with my whole self in the therapy room alongside of you: mistakes, laughter, nerdiness, and all. 

When I am not in the office, I am usually outside finding new treasures for my rock collection, fully absorbed in a science fiction novel (especially if it's written by Octavia Butler or Ursula Le Guin), or experimenting in the kitchen and cooking [hopefully] delicious food. I also own more varieties of hot sauce than anyone else I know.

Oh, and if you're wondering: they/them/theirs and/or she/her/hers are my gender pronouns. For example: "Will is my therapist, and I enjoy working with them. They have a ridiculous number of plants in their office."  -or-  "Will is my therapist, and I enjoy working with her. She has a ridiculous number of plants in her office." If you have questions about this (or anything, really), just ask!


Education and Professional Experience

I am a Licensed Social Worker in the state of Colorado ( LSW.0009921717). I bring many years of experience working in the sexuality field to my current work as a therapist. My work as a sexuality educator focused on pleasure-based sex education that was inclusive of all bodies, gender identities, sexual orientations, and dis/abilities. I provided consultations and education for adults (both individuals and partners), and I also facilitated a sex-positive, comprehensive sex education program for youth.

I moved to Denver five years ago and built upon my experience in the sexuality field by becoming a therapist. I achieved my Master of Social Work from the University of Denver, where I focused on clinical work with couples, partners, and families. While completing my graduate degree, I worked as a bilingual (Spanish/English) social worker at Clínica Tepeyac, an integrated healthcare clinic where I focused on increasing their inclusivity of transgender and gender-nonconforming clients. I also completed a post-graduate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy through the Denver Family Institute, a fully-accredited marriage and family therapy training center here in Denver.

My previous educational experience includes a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. I also have received both training and mentorship in trauma recovery, healing, and mind-body and holistic approaches to therapy.

Additional Trainings Completed:

  • Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) Externship
  • Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) Core Skills
  • Application of EFT with Trauma
  • Integrating EFT and Sex Therapy
  • Restoring Resilience: Discovering Your Clients' Capacity for Healing through AEDP
  • Attachment-Focused Work for People who Qualify for a Borderline Personality Diagnosis
  • Sex for Sale: Supporting Sex Workers in a Therapeutic Setting
  • Understanding Pedophilia: A Compassionate Clinical Approach
  • Polyamory and Other Open Relationship Styles
  • When Sexuality Becomes Dependent on Substance Abuse
  • Male Sexual Fluidity: Is He Gay, Bisexual, Straight or Somewhere In Between?
  • Reclaiming Bodies, Reclaiming the Self: Addressing Body Image in Sex Therapy

Consultation and Training Services

I regularly facilitate workshops and trainings, offer guest lectures, and provide professional consultation in the areas of gender identity, sexuality and sexual orientation, polyamory and non-monogamy, and kink/BDSM. Please contact me if you are a clinician, educator, or organization interested in training or consultation.

Community Involvement

I come to my practice as a therapist with ample experience in community organizing and social justice work. I maintain a deep passion for and commitment to this work because I view it as interconnected with my approach to therapy.

Currently, I serve on the core leadership team of the Denver chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ). I have also formerly worked as a volunteer facilitator and trainer with Survivors Organizing for Liberation (SOL).

I love that my work as a therapist supports people to build stronger and deeper connections in our partnerships, friendships, and family relationships so that we can also build stronger and deeper connections in our communities.

What questions do you have for me?

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is the most important part of good therapy. Give me a call at (720) 507 1706 if you want to chat more about working together or how we can create space for your whole self in my therapy office.

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