Relationships can be challenging.

Maybe there have been boundaries or agreements broken in your partnership, and you are wanting to build or re-build trust together. Maybe you have been feeling lonely or disconnected while spending time with your partner recently and are not sure how to find that care and love again. Maybe you don't know what to do when it feels like the person you love the most also hurts you the worst.

Maybe there have been recent life changes or bumps in the road that have affected your relationship in new ways, such as a new child or death in the family. Maybe you are wanting more communication or connection in your relationship. Or, maybe you are considering increasing the commitment in your relationship and would like some support along your journey. 

Dealing with challenges in relationships is hard, and we may not always know where or how to access support. We might be too embarrassed or ashamed to admit that we're struggling. It might appears as if everyone else has it all figured out already, or maybe we've never had any models in our life for what healthy, loving, trusting relationships look like. Either way, sometimes the challenges of staying open, vulnerable, or committed in a relationship may seem to outweigh the benefit of feeling connected. However, there are ways to shift from challenges into strengths, and couples therapy can help.

I believe that healing is possible for you in your relationship. 

Seeking support when we're struggling is challenging and vulnerable. It's important to be able to build trust to talk about the things that feel tender or difficult. As your couples therapist, I work intentionally with you to create a supportive space for you in my office that is uniquely tailored to you and your partner. I care about your identities and experiences, and our work in session is determined by your relationship goals, values, desires, and needs. From there, we can work together to create the loving, caring relationships that you deserve in your life.

Are you struggling with sex or intimacy concerns?

Many times, working on relationship concerns and goals includes work focused on sex, gender, and/or sexuality. If these topics are present in your relationship, be sure to read more about the Sex Therapy or Gender & Sexuality services I provide. The work I do with you in therapy is integrative and holistic, and no conversation is too big or too small when we work together to create a space to support those conversations.

I am intentional about providing affirming and supportive services to clients with a broad range of identities and experiences. Within this commitment, I have a special passion for working with LGBTQIA+ partners and families.

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