Let's create space for all of the ways you love.

I am passionate about exploring and supporting the different ways that we all engage in relationships. Whether your relationships are open, polyamorous, non-monogamous, or of some other creative configuration or constellation, you deserve a therapist who honors the ways that you engage in love, sex, dating, commitment, and partnership.

You are the designer and creator of your own unique relationships.

I recognize the unique ways that non-monogamous people engage in relationships, especially related to negotiating and navigating boundaries, emotions, time, and energy.  These needs and desires and limits are not assumed or set by societally-modeled forms of relationships; they are consciously chosen, designed, and enacted. With these intentional relationship decisions come their own distinct set of challenges and difficulties.

Supportive and affirming therapy can facilitate healing and connection in all relationships.

Non-monogamous relationships are not exempt from concerns of distrust, loneliness, or disconnection, but the type of support needed to find healing and connection is unique. I bring both personal and professional experience to my work with open, non-monogamous, and polyamorous relationships, and I work intentionally with you to help you create the loving, caring relationships that you deserve.

Are you struggling with sex or intimacy concerns within some or all of your relationships? 

Many times, working on relationship concerns and goals includes work focused on sex, gender, and/or sexuality. If these topics are present in your relationship, be sure to read more about the Sex Therapy services I provide. The work I do with you in therapy is integrative and holistic, and no conversation is too big or too small when we work together to create a space to support those conversations.

I am intentional about providing affirming and supportive services to clients with a broad range of identities and experiences. Within this commitment, I have a special passion for working with LGBTQIA+ partners and families.


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