You are deserving of love and connection.

In relationship therapy, we create a space to support the dynamics and goals of everyone involved. Whether you are wanting to improve communication and connection in your family or in your partnership(s), you can learn to share your needs, desires, and feelings while honoring those of others. No matter your relationship or family configuration, I am always excited about supporting the development of connection and care between people.

Couples Therapy

Do you want to build more trust in your partnership? Do you sometimes feel lonely or disconnected when you are spending time with your partner? Do you want to improve the communication and connection in your relationship? Healing is possible for your relationship.

Open & Polyamorous Relationships

Whether your relationships are open, polyamorous, non-monogamous, or of some other creative configuration, you deserve a therapist who honors the ways that you engage in love, sex, dating, commitment, and partnership.

Family Therapy

Is your family experiencing conflict, challenges, or stress? We can deal with tough conversations or difficult situations together, and you can learn how to work through them at home with more connection and care.

Our capacity to destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal one another. Restoring relationships and community is central to restoring well-being.
— Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., "The Body Keeps the Score"