You get to bring your whole self to therapy.

I recognize that we can create change in our lives through many processes, and I might use a variety of them in our sessions together. However, I believe that we are much more than just our cognitive processes or behavioral patterns: we are whole, complex humans who are also influenced by the relationships and people in our lives, our histories, and the communities and world that surround us.

Our connection to ourselves and others is one of the most essential components of life.

I view my role as a therapist as supporting you to increase your connection to and compassion for the depths within oneself and others in order to facilitate deeply transformative and lasting change. When we can connect emotionally to the vulnerable places within those we love, and to the vulnerable places within ourselves, we can create deeper bonds that offer stability and security.

The stories and narratives we tell about ourselves and our relationships matter.

All of us have defenses and protective habits and survival skills that have allowed us to be here today. Through getting curious about our story and developing compassion—and even gratitude—towards ourselves and our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we can also learn to release the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us well. 

I believe in celebrating resilience, and weaving and integrating the resilience that we have developed into the stories and narratives we believe about ourselves.

My work with you is intentional and responsive to your needs.

I work from a culturally-grounded and anti-oppressive framework. I recognize the ways that we are all similarly human and yet also unique. My experiences, identities, privileges, marginalizations might be shared with yours or completely different, and those intersections, overlaps, and distinctions matter. I am comfortable discussing and integrating your identities, experiences, spirituality, culture, race/ethnicity, history, disabilities, and learning & processing styles into our work together. I am committed to social justice both inside and outside of my therapy office, and I understand the realities, complexities, and impacts of oppression, privilege, and power on all of our lives. 

The values I hold and bring to my work include:

  • Body positivity and health at every size
  • Honoring neurodiversity and neurodivergence
  • Holistic and harm reduction approaches to health and wellness
  • Trusting each person’s own wisdom about their self, body, and spirit
  • Affirming diverse identities and experiences AND understanding the impacts of oppression on marginalized identities

I work from a systemic, strengths-based, trauma-informed, attachment-based, and emotionally-focused lens, and I also utilize narrative, somatic, existential, feminist, family systems, and motivational interviewing approaches in my work with clients. Most importantly, I am transparent in my work with you. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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