Seeking support when we're struggling is challenging and vulnerable. It takes courage to seek out a therapist, and you deserve to work with someone who will honor all your experiences, desires, relationships, and identities. Connection and healing is possible, and I support you to find that for yourself and your relationships.

My name is Will Logan, and I offer sex therapy, gender therapy, and individual therapy, as well as relationship therapy for couples, partners, and families, in Denver, CO. I am committed to providing a supportive, affirming space for your unique healing journey. Together, we will build safety and trust to explore concerns around trauma, sexual abuse, out of control sexual behavior, sex, sexuality, gender identity, relationships, and intimacy. 

To truly be free, we must choose beyond simply surviving adversity; we must dare to create lives of sustained optimal well-being and joy.
— bell hooks

Sex Therapy

Are you wanting to explore your sexual desires, sexual behaviors, or sexual connection with your self or your partner(s)? From addressing out-of-control sexual behavior to exploring your kinks or fetishes in a sex-positive environment, sex therapy can be a transformative experience.

Gender & Sexuality

Are you seeking an affirming space to explore your sexuality or sexual orientation?

Are you on a journey of exploring, defining, or transitioning your gender identity, presentation, or expression?

Relationship Therapy

Do you want to increase the connection and communication in your relationship(s)?  I am passionate about working with all varieties of relationships, from families to couples and partners of all orientations and dynamics.

Individual Therapy

Have you been desiring a supportive environment where you can explore deeper personal healing work?

Are you wanting to create more spark, energy, joy, or meaning in your life?