I regularly facilitate workshops and trainings, offer guest lectures, and provide professional consultation in the areas of:

  • Gender identity

  • Sexuality and sexual orientation

  • LGBTQIA+ identities

  • Polyamory and non-monogamy

  • Kink and BDSM

  • Consent practices

  • Sexual pleasure and health, including sex toys, lubricants, and safer sex

I approach my work from an attachment and trauma lens, and have ample experience working with couples, partners, families, and individuals. I have strong social justice, racial justice, and overall anti-oppression values and bring them to my work as a therapist, trainer, and consultant.

I am queer and trans/non-binary, a trauma survivor, kinky, and polyamorous, and will self-disclose or share intentionally from my personal experiences when appropriate and supportive. I believe in financially supporting experts and trainers in the field who speak and teach from their own marginalized experiences whenever possible, and I will happily refer you to other colleagues and trainers if I am not the most qualified or appropriate for the training you are seeking.

As a consultant, my services are available in person (at my office or another convenient location, when possible), or via online video conferencing.

As a facilitator, my presentation style is conversational and collaborative, which is often best for groups of engaged learners who enjoy interactive dialogues and questions.

Please contact me if you are a clinician, medical professional, educator, or organization interested in training or consultation.

My standard hourly rates are currently $160 for 60 minutes, prorated by the half-hour as needed. These rates are subject to change without notice and may vary depending upon the training or consultation request, allowing for preparation time if applicable.

I am able to offer reduced rates or pro bono time to students and new therapists as my schedule allows, and am also open to considering mutual consultation exchanges with fellow queer and trans clinicians and/or other clinicians with marginalized or underrepresented identities in the therapy field.

Training for Medical Professionals

I have a special passion for facilitating trainings for medical professionals, particularly in the areas of gender and sexuality, LGBQ+ and trans/non-binary patients, and kink and BDSM, as well as active consent practices and trauma-informed care with patients during medical visits and exams. I also have experience discussing cancer and sex, working with cancer survivors from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota as well as those here in Denver. 

Please contact me to discuss a specialized and customized training for your department or team. I am happy to provide references of other medical professionals who are familiar with my work and experience. 


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