For many people, sex and intimacy are core elements of life.

Having fantasies, feelings, and desires related to sex are common experiences. As important as sex, sexuality, and intimacy may be to you, you may still struggle with aspects of our sexual desires, sexual behaviors, or sexual connection with yourself or your partner(s). 

You may wonder:

  • Can I heal from my trauma or abuse?

  • How can my partner(s) and I have fulfilling sexual experiences together?

  • When will I ever feel confident in my sexuality and desires?

  • Are my desires, fantasies, or behaviors "normal" or "ok?"

Sex therapy can be a transformative experience.

I work from a pleasure-positive perspective, with the goal of supporting each of my clients to explore and discover each of their own journeys to sexual connection, empowerment, and wellbeing. If you experience sexual shame, we will work together towards acceptance and authenticity.

As a sex therapist, I can support you to:

  • Develop your sexual self-confidence

  • Increase your self-awareness of your own body, needs, and boundaries

  • Build important skills surrounding relationships, communication, and more

  • Experience reassurance and validation related to sex and sexuality

  • Take control of your own sexual (and reproductive, if applicable) health

  • Explore your desires, fantasies, kinks, and fetishes

I bring years of experience as a professional in the sexuality field to my therapeutic work with you. I have had countless conversations about sex, sexual desires, and sexual health, and I cannot imagine any information that I haven’t heard before or that would shock or disappoint me. I am very intentional about working with you to create a space where you can share anything and everything openly and without fear of judgement or being shamed.

I specialize in work with clients regarding kink and BDSM, including, when applicable, the intersections of kink, trauma, and attachment.

Are you experiencing pelvic pain, or other medical conditions or physical health concerns that are affecting your sexual experiences?

When you are experiencing pain or other health concerns, healing needs to be a holistic and integrated process. My work as a sex therapist is focused on sexual pleasure, which often offers more information or a different perspective than you might get solely from a medical professional. If you do not already have a medical care provider, I will provide referrals to sex-positive professionals who can support you with a physical treatment plan. If you have been referred by a doctor or other professional, please be sure to bring with you any diagnosis your doctor may have given you, any additional notes or details, and your doctor’s contact information. In addition to making sure that you are receiving the physical care that you need outside of therapy, we will work together to deepen the healing you are doing and explore all the ways that you can begin to experience or expand pleasure in your life, whether within or outside of relationships with other people.

Areas of Specialization

  • Affairs/Infidelity

  • BDSM / Kink

  • Communication

  • Cross-dressing

  • Differences in desire between partners

  • Enhancement of pleasure and desire

  • Fetishes of all varieties

  • Nonmonogamy / Polyamory / Open relationships

  • Pornography

  • Out-of-control or compulsive sexual behavior

  • Sex "addiction"

  • Sexual or pelvic pain

  • Sexual trauma or abuse

  • Concerns related to sexual health & functioning

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