The world needs you to show up as your full, authentic self.

In order to bring our full selves to this world, we also need to create spaces for our own healing. In individual therapy, we create that space together.

Are you wanting to create more spark, energy, joy, or meaning in your life?

Together, we will work towards envisioning and creating the connection to your self and your life that you are seeking. Our work together is a practice of learning how to find and acquire tools that you may not have known were there or accessible to you. As we explore those tools, you can begin to craft the connection with yourself and others that you are seeking.

Do you desire a supportive environment where you can explore deeper healing?

Whether you are wanting to heal from past hurts or traumatic experiences, or wanting a space to work through the daily stressors, challenges, or oppression faced in your life, creating a sacred space in therapy is a gift to yourself in your healing process.

All of you is welcome here.

I offer individual therapy that is integrative and holistic. I honor the unique strengths and experiences of each of my clients, and seek to provide culturally-responsive therapy. I am comfortable discussing and integrating your identities, culture, spirituality, history, disabilities, and learning & processing styles into our work together. I am also passionate about social justice, and I understand the realities, complexities, and impacts of oppression, privilege, and power on everyday life.

Some of the values I hold and bring to my work include:

  • Trusting each person’s own wisdom about their self, body, and spirit

  • Affirming diverse identities and experiences

  • Body positivity and health at every size

  • Honoring neurodiversity and neurodivergence

  • Holistic and harm reduction approaches to health and wellness

Let's Connect.

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