At some point in their lives, most people will experience a traumatic event, repeated trauma, or something that just feels too hard to bear. Especially if we did not receive the kind of support we needed from loved ones, we may be left with residual emotional pain, fear, confusion, or post-traumatic stress. Support from an affirming, supportive therapist can be fundamental to healing from trauma.

Your experience with me might feel different than other therapy.

My work with you, whether you are focusing specifically on trauma or another topic, is always trauma-informed. This means that I recognize the ways that seeking support may be painful, disempowering, or even re-traumatizing, and I work with you to reduce that risk. As a fellow trauma survivor who is keenly aware of challenges of seeking support, I am very intentional about how I work with my clients. I know that therapists and other service providers do not always provide safe or empowering experiences for survivors of trauma. I know that seeking support can be even more challenging to clients who hold marginalized identities. I seek to change this.

I trust your wisdom about yourself, your body, and your spirit.

My strongest values are authenticity, accountability, integrity, and transparency. I honor your autonomy, and I support you to have authority over what does and does not work for you. This means that we work during sessions at your pace, not mine. You do not have to share any information or answer any questions until you are ready. I will make space for you to tell me what support looks like for you and what you need (or don’t need) from me. I will hold space for you with empathy and compassion, and support you to recognize your strengths and resilience as you are ready.

I acknowledge that I hold power in my position as a therapist, and I make a committed and ongoing effort to be accountable in my relationship with you. I can’t promise that I won’t ever make mistakes, but I will show up and work to changes things when I do. I also know that I am not the “expert,” and I don’t use therapy techniques that are meant to be secretive or confusing. I believe that you are more than your experiences or past diagnoses, and we will work together to determine what your unique journey towards healing will be.

I believe that healing is possible.

I believe that we are all survivors, and we have all found creative and adaptive ways to deal with the traumas we may have experienced. Therapy can support you to acknowledge, honor, and continue adapting those survival skills to craft the kind of life and connections you want to have. Showing up for therapy is a lot of hard work, but I will support you to approach that work with compassion, care, and even playfulness.

You deserve the very best.

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Trauma & Sexuality

In my work as a sex therapist, I have a particular interest in the intersection of trauma and sexuality. I am skilled in supporting both individuals and partners with trauma histories connect and heal through intimacy, touch, sex, and sexuality. I believe in the importance of honoring our bodies' instincts and survival skills, and working with our partner(s) and our nervous systems to build a felt sense of safety and new pathways and connections that allow for authentic sexual expression.

I am especially passionate about work with kink, BDSM, trauma, and attachment. I deeply believe that kink and BDSM can be healing experiences and practices, whether they are connected to one's trauma or attachment history or not. If you want support to navigate the ways your triggers arise in your kink/BDSM practices, or to explore the possibility of scenes or relationships that allow for process and release of past traumas, I am here to listen, support, affirm, and create space for the complexities that these experiences hold.

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