Is your family experiencing conflict, challenging transitions, grief, or stress?

Every family—including chosen families—goes through challenging experiences. When you can't seem to "just work it out" together, it can be important to find support to deal with tough conversations or difficult situations. Whether your family is needing to navigate grief and loss, support a family member through addiction or the diagnosis of a medical condition, resolve conflict, improve communication and connection, heal from infidelity, or adjust to changing dynamics as a family member explores their sexual orientation or gender identity, allow me to accompany you on your journey. 

I have extensive training in family therapy, and am passionate about helping your family thrive. I work with you and your family to create a space to support the dynamics and goals of everyone involved. Together, we can resolve whatever your family may be facing, and you can learn how to work through challenges at home with more connection and care. 

I work with families of adults, teenagers, and tweens. If you are looking for family therapy for younger children, I can provide referrals to other caring, affirming, and highly-skilled family therapists.

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